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Hold It Steady

Bernie Sanders

Progressives have been berated over the last few days as RUSSIANS! The dreaded word. A corporate "Red Scare" to provide a line in the sand between them and the "residue". It's meant to drive fear into the bones of the left. The establishment thinks the mere murmur of "RUSSIA" and the modern day progressives will disperse as they did in the 1950s. However, I can't help but keep going to the CNN Debate this past Tuesday.

Bernie appeared healthier, and his voice was back to its coarse self. It provided the movement with a calming sensation that Bernie is here for the long haul. That gruff voice will be here for months to come.

THE 15%.

Bernie has been at 15% in the national polls for months. This 15% needs to be an immovable object for the rest of the primary. These are the people that go out to canvass, wear T-Shirts, and make calls.

Polls are still going to rise and fall during the primary. It appears that Mayor Pete will be the next media "darling". The establishment is trying to find its own organic 15%.

The true progressive movement needs to be like any other sports team. Play steady and reliable throughout the entire season. Don't peak too early, or you will run out of gas by the end. There will be up and downs but know that THE 15% will take you home.


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